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Brushes With Celebrities!

We have been having a few celebrity brushes at our recent performances, namely DJs JJ and Ean from Hitz.fm, and DJ Prem from Fly.fm 😀

12-11 performance 02

12-11 performance 01


They turned out to be rather sporting and down-to-earth and we hope that they had just as much fun with us as we had with them 😀

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Rockclimbing, Impromptu Karaoke Stage Invasion, And A Movie

A small rockclimbing trip to Putrajaya was organized, which unexpectedly led to a most memorable night 😀

We had arrived at the place around 7pm only to find out that the rockclimbing site closes at 8pm on Tuesdays, which meant only an hour of fun…. which is NOT ENOUGH! We ended up deciding to forgo renting the rockclimbing gear and to just pay the entrance fee because the rental fee for the equipment just did not seem worth it if we could only use them for an hour 😦 It turned out that we still had a lot of fun trying the intermediate level walls, mostly failing and crashing down onto the mattress at the bottom ;D

After the one hour was up, we drove back to Cheras and had dinner at Kaki Corner. It was one of those affairs that had live music and somehow (we do not know how) the female vocalist who was performing for the night invited one of us to come up on stage to have a go at the mic!

It was supposed to be just one song.

And then, somehow…

Should we upload the videos here as well? :p

Lol. It feels like we ought to issue a formal statement to the public: “In light of what had transpired on the night of November 6th, 2012 at Kaki Corner, we feel the need to extend an apology to the other patrons of the cafe who were present there at the time of 9:30pm – 11:30pm for having possibly subjected your ears to unspeakable torture. We would also like to thank the guitarist, who not only had good-naturedly played the guitar accompaniment for the individuals from our party who had invaded the stage, but had also on multiple instances, backed up the vocals for when our representatives had forgotten the lyrics at various parts of the songs. To him, we are gratefully indebted. We wish to also make known our appreciation for the staff at Kaki Corner and the aforementioned female vocalist for allowing us to temporarily invade the Kaki Corner stage. That is all. Thank you for your attention.”

Don’t you just love formal jargon?

If you want it in laymen terms, let us know in the comments and we will update this post with a translation ;P

Moving on to the last activity of the night, we proceeded to Pavilion to watch Paranormal Activity 4! Regarding this, let us just say that the guys are most probably lying if they said that they weren’t scared at all throughout the entire movie ;P

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Halloween ’12 with Team Malaysia


All dressed up for Halloween 2012!

Did you really think we would miss out on such fun? 😉

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This Blog Is Back Up And Running!

We offer our sincerest apologies to readers of our humble blog for the lack of activity since the blog’s last post in 2009.

The reasons are manifold and it is unnecessary to bore you to an early death with them. What matters now, is that we’re BACK!

So you can safely expect more to come on this blog as we regularly update it from now onwards.


p.s. our team’s colours have changed from blue+black to red+gold


Astro Battleground 2009 performance

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Pictures From Astro Battleground’s Facebook Photo Album


Astro Battleground’s Facebook Photo Album

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Astro Battleground Performance Preview


the preview for the ‘Sports’ themed episode, in which The Rebels had the most privileged opportunity to perform, is out!

sure, we do not even have 1 second of frame time in the preview, but hey, we are delirious with excitement nonetheless 😀

remember to catch the showing of the episode alright ;D if not for us, then at least for the impressive performances by the competitiors 🙂


Astro Battleground 2009 – SemiFinal 1

Date: November 28, 2009 (Saturday)

Time: 7pm

Channel: Astro Wah Lai Toi, Channel 311

if you missed it (or you wanna watch it again because you love us so much ;D), catch the repeat on Sunday (November29) afternoon, 2pm!!